When was the last time you read stories that moved you, made you laugh, cry, gasp or smile and took you through places in San Luis Obispo while involving a horse carriage?

You'll do just that with the e-book Carriage Capers

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Carriage Capers

Ordinary people out for an evening carriage ride . . . leave with an extraordinary life memory.

Read the true-life stories of how just another evening turned into a magic moment.

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  • Stories take place in San Luis Obispo and involve people from all walks of life, a carriage driver and horse.
  • Stories are told using actual moments and quotes from passengers in a horse carriage as they interacted with the driver and horse.
  • Experience these magic moments and find yourself moved and changed.
  • Be inspired by stories where a carriage ride was the real vehicle for a life memory.

The Inspiration behind Carriage Capers - Magic Moments Leave Marks on our Hearts

Check out the scenery which forms the backdrop for these magic moments where a carriage ride experience left marks on our hearts.


How Special Is This E-Book?

"Carriage Capers reminded me that horses can bring adventure to our lives in a way that nothing else can. It tugged at my heart, made me laugh out loud and left me wanting to search for the carriage downtown to be a part of the next caper!"

- Emily Malmkar


“The stories sparked all kinds of emotions in me, and the life lessons inspired me.”

- Chanel Jensen

When was the last time you read stories that moved you, made you laugh, cry, gasp or smile and took place in San Luis Obispo  involving a horse carriage?

Carriage Capers will help you step away from the chaos of life to get a simple dose of inspiration from actual people who took a carriage ride through the backstreets of enchanting San Luis Obispo, California.

Read all nine stories one at a time, or all in one sitting. Either way the stories will be with you for life.

Get the 26 page pdf e-book delivered to your inbox for only $9.00.

Meet Me for a Ride

Taking guests for tours of San Luis Obispo in a horse carriage was once a part-time job for Sharon Jantzen. As she experienced a variety of people and enjoyed the experiences she had with them, she began to write the stories down. Now, all the stories are captured in Carriage Capers.

Come step away from the chaos of life and ride along with Sharon and her guests. You won't be dissapointed!

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