Do you have a manure producing factory in your backyard?

What do you do with all that horse poo?

Scoop up your very own copy of the Step-by-Step Horse Manure Composting Guide e-book right now!! $15.00 gets you the e-book plus two bonus items!

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Turn Manure into Gold with Horse Manure Composting

Get ready to transform your manure factory to turn manure into gold. Get the Step-by-Step Horse manure Composting Guide e-book.

$15.00 Gets You the E-book Plus Two Bonus Items

  • Conquer the one manure management activity that makes all the difference.
  • Understand why compost is so great.
  • Design the best system for your stable.
  • Get exclusive resources for conquering the O2 component.
  • Find a way to unload the gold you will produce.

All in this 16 page, full-color, e-book pdf that can be downloaded to your computer or tablet for reference or your phone for easy access without wifi.

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A Tip Sheet and a Budgeting Worksheet are also included with your e-book Guide

My friend, Sheryl Steckel, is a neatnik creative artist with an engineering brain. She is also the inspiration behind the guide as I have seen her operation up close and personal plus I interviewed her as part of my research for this guide. She says this about the Horse Manure Composting Guide, "Great JOB, Sharon.... lots of research. I hope people will take note and action...."


Do you have neighbors routinely stopping by for some horse manure to use in their garden? Erin Matsui of Hawaii responded after reading the Horse Manure Composting Guide with this statement, "I always feel like I am giving away one of my greatest assets when I let someone come an take my horse manure to compost it themselves.

Now I realize I could be using it to fertilize the plants in my yard and yet I haven't taken the time to learn how to make compost. This is an informative and easy step-by-step plan!


Saragail Standish, a former Pony Club District Commissioner, has this to say, "The guide is beautifully done and very informative. I learned a few things that I had not known before."

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