"Fresh content! Uplifting, warm and tender stories and lots of local stuff!"
- SLO Horse News reader response

Awareness. Exposure. Action.

Reach your local horse community right where they ride, buy and live.

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Words from the Herd and Advertisers

An advertiser's response to a Spotlight Story:

"This is tooooo cool!  Love it!!! Thank you always for the opportunity!!!!!"

Christine Johnson - Eden Memorial Pet Care

"I've been a subscriber for around 8 months or so and just want to thank you for doing this newsletter.  I know it's not easy to come up with topics (or time!) to do something like this on a weekly basis and I just wanted you to know I LOVE your newsletter and I sincerely appreciate your work in getting it out to all the horse folks in SLO county.

All the best,"


"It’s really going well.

I’ve had a few consignor’s mention hearing about me through SLO Horse News, so that’s been great!

Whatever you need to do with the stories is absolutely fine with me!

Thank you!"

Brie - Tack Up Consignment

"This story really resonated. I have had a ton of boarding interest from our ideal client type.

Thank you!"

Sarah Judson - SLO Sage and Spur Ranch


SLO Horse News contains 100% original content. No copy and paste here. All content is organized under four main headings.

Click the buttons to explore stories based on the PEOPLE, HORSES, PLACES and HAPPENINGS.


Reach the SLO County Horse Community and Beyond

Reach active equestrians living in and enjoying
San Luis Obispo County - and beyond.
SLO Horse News is the ONLY publication reaching this specific population, with over 7,000 views a month.

Advertising with SLO Horse News is an active process.
You will notice we have several touch points within the herd.


First, a solid advertising campaign starts with a website ad which includes the Spotlight Story or Stories to create AWARENESS.


Next, to further your message and keep it in the mind of our herd, social media posts keep EXPOSING the message.


ACTION from the herd is realized through newsletter e-mail advertising with a call-to-action in either a banner ad or pushing the story again as a feature.

SLO Horse News | 100% Original Copy

Experienced writers and equestrians who will tell your unique story.

We don't copy and paste stories from other sites. Our content is 100% original copy. We are story generators and our stories have appeared on national sites such as Eventing Nation and Horse Network.

The writers at SLO Horse News will craft your story to reflect the essence of your product or service and who you are. We are experienced equestrians who appreciate and enjoy a variety of disciplines. We love to tell stories and we're ready to tell yours.


"It's great to have a newsletter that comes to my e-mail with well-written articles on local people and horses."
- SLO Horse News reader response

"I love the straight-forward, down-to-earth, very realistic stories where I usually know the person involved which makes me feel part of the horse community. The stories are well-written and you do a great job providing relevant and useful information." - SLO Horse News reader response

SLO Horse News is viewed on-line at slohorsenews.net and is updated weekly with original stories for and about the San Luis Obispo County horse community – and beyond. We produce 100% original copy. Over 7,000 active equestrians stop by our website monthly for information, conncection and inspiration.

SLO Horse News posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest plus connects with our readers through a weekly e-mail newsletter subscription. Your message is maximized as it goes out to our subscribers and followers and their friends as stories are shared.

Spotlight Stories can be shared as a link on your website and social media. If you are looking for someone to write stories that you can use "as your own" Sharon can be commissioned for that too. Just tell her your needs and she'll get your story going.

Herd Members are experienced and active horse people who most likely keep their horses at home. All either live on the beautiful Central Coast or visit and make riding a priority. They are passionate about taking care of their horses and many enjoy getting out on the trail. Our herd members are tightly connected in a variety of equestrian disciplines making them influencers not only within SLO County but also to the horse community beyond.

SLO Horse News

Reader Touch Points


AWARENESS begins with a clickable button ad on our website. Your message is viewed everytime someone visits our site. All our website advertising includes our featured "Spotlight Story" service which expands your message details and connects our audience to your product or service.


Continued EXPOSURE comes through the SLO Horse News Facebook (and other social media outlets) page where our herd hangs out. This is where the herd gets all story updates, community updates and  horse news and features from around the world. Your Spotlight Story automatically gets shared here when it posts to our website.


This is where ACTION often takes place especially when preceded by website awareness and social media exposure. Our weekly e-mail newsletter is sent directly to our herd subscribers. Your Spotlight Story will be seen in the newsletter the week it posts. For further promotion, you can choose an e-mail banner ad or a full Feature of the Week placement.

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General Info

SLO Horse News is a division of Hoof Prints Publications a sole proprietorship owned by Sharon J. Jantzen

Meet Sharon

Sharon has called San Luis Obispo county home since attending Cal Poly and graduating with a degree in Ag Business Management. Her riding experience started in Pony Club with a little Hunter/Jumper thrown in, branched out to Eventing then to Dressage; all of this was done mostly on the back of a Connemara. She has also shown Arabians in Dressage and applies Dressage principles to a Rocky Mountain horse while dabbling in Mounted Archery. She rides her pony Whisper, a Connemara mare, in Dressage. Sharon has explored many trail rides throughout the county and continues to get out and relish the wonder of San Luis Obispo county. Sharon revised and re-launched SLO Horse News in 2015.

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