Release Your Inner Warrior

Mounted Archery and Bridleless Riding Clinics

 A weekend of clinics designed to help you release your inner warrior!

September 11-13, 2020 | Varian Ranch, Arroyo Grande

Sign-Up - Either/Both/All Mounted Archery and Bridleless Clinics

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Mounted Archery is Coming Back to the Central Coast!

Come learn how to release your inner warrior. All breeds of horses are welcome. All disciplines welcome. Work at your own pace. All equipment is provided. A suitable horse can be provided for rent. Space is limited. All clinics will be held at Varian Arabian in Arroyo Grande. For the best experience get the full weekend package.

Bridleless and Mounted Archery Clinics - Full weekend package is $450

Bridleless Riding - Friday, September 11, 2020 - $175* Get comfortable riding hands-free with Heather Lomax's Introduction to Bridleless Riding clinic.

Mounted Archery Clinic - Any two days package for *$325

Basic Introduction - Saturday, September 12, 2020 - $175* Basic introduction to Mounted Archery led by Elizabeth Gonzalez Tinnan.

Repeat Offenders - Sunday, September 13, 2020 - $175* Build on your foundation through the Repeat Offenders with Elizabeth Gonzalez Tinnan.

Auditors are welcome on all three days. $20/day for the Bridleless riding clinic and $25/day for both Mounted Archery clinics. Auditor payment will be taken at the clinic.

On-site RV camping and stabling is available. 

Bring your own food or money for a lunch/dinner run.

People accomodations can be found at the Agrairan Hotel in the village of Arroyo Grande.

Judy Osburn, a previous clinic participant, shares this, "I highly recommend adding this Sunday clinic to your weekend! While I absorbed a vast wealth of information and skill-building gained while participating in Elizabeth's 'Introduction' clinic last January, it was the next day at her Sunday "Repeat Offenders" clinic when I actually felt like a real horse archer. After bringing it all home and having so much fun with my own horse archery targets, now, not quite a year later, I'm totally excited to take both clinics again, where I plan to learn a new archery draw style on Saturday, and then take my present horse archery skills up yet another level on Sunday learning new techniques to work on adding to my second-year horse archery skills."

  Poseidon's Mounted Archers Club for the Central Coast

A new band of horse archers has been created for the Central Coast. Poseidon's Horse Archers is affiliated with HAUSA (Horse Archery USA).

As part of its mission to promote the sport, art and culture of horseback archery, HAUSA offers both recreational and competitive participation opportunities. HAUSA provides benefits on many levels, including access to liability event insurance for HAUSA recognized events organized by the local club. Any HAUSA club-scheduled activity to which the entire club is invited (even if only one rider is involved) is covered, so long as the activity takes place at a location that has been submitted to HAUSA by the club leader (and is therefore on HAUSA's list of practice/event locations).  

As a follow up to the Arroyo Grande horse archery clinics, all participants in the mounted archery clinic will be eligible to become members of the local Posiden's Horse Archers mounted archery club, through becoming a member of HAUSA. The club meets monthly for horse archery students to continue the fun of playing together with horses, bows and arrows!

Three Days of Instruction

Here's our opportunity to learn from the best!!

Elizabeth Gonzalez Tinnan

Mounted Archery

September 12 - Intro to Mounted Archery

September 13 - Repeat Offenders


Heather Lomax

Bridleless Riding

September 11 - Bridleless Riding

Bridleless and Mounted Archery Clinic Schedule

Sign-Up - Either/Both/All Mounted Archery and Bridleless Clinics


September 11, 2020

9:00am - 5:00pm  

Intro to Bridleless Riding 

with Heather Lomax

$175 for just this clinic, $325 for any two days, $450 for the whole weekend (three days).

Preparation for the everyday rider to develop the skills to ride hands-free and/or drop the bridle. (Don't worry, if you are not ready to go bridleless there are other important skills to build.) See details at

Clinic limited to 12 Participants


September 12, 2020

9:00am - 5:00pm  

Intro to Mounted Archery

with Elizabeth Gonzalez Tinnan

$175 for just this clinic, $325 for any two days, $450 for the whole weekend (three days).

  • Range safety and etiquette 
  • Equipment familiarization (all equipment provided) 
  • Blind nocking 
  • Mediterranean Release or Thumb Release 
  • How to shoot a horse bow 
  • How to carry arrows 
  • Horse desensitization 
  • Shooting from the back of a horse with a barrier to help guide your horse down the track.

Clinic limited to 12 Particiants  


September 13, 2020

9:00am - 5:00pm  

Repeat Offenders 

with Elizabeth Gonzalez Tinnan

$175 for just this clinic, $325 for any two days, $450 for the whole weekend (three days).

Take it to the next level. Elizabeth Gonzalez Tinnan's Repeat Offenders Sunday clinic will provide individualized instruction at your own pace. We will warm up on the ground with different shooting drills for speed shooting and improving instinctive archery. We will then mount up and continue building our skills.

This is also the place to learn and apply a new draw style.

See details for building a solid foundation and providing a positive experience for both you and tour horse (Saturday), and putting that foundation into practice to take your horse archery skills to the next level (Sunday) at

Clinic limited to 12 Participants

Clinic Location: Varian Arabians Arroyo Grande, CA

RV Camping and Horse Stabling is available. See registration forms for info.

People accomodations can be found at the Agrairan Hotel in the village of Arroyo Grande.

  • Address: 1275 Corbett Canyon Rd, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

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Sign-up - Either/Both/All Mounted Archery and Bridleless Clinics