Another beautiful day on the Central Coast is dawning . . .

Where will you be riding today?

At a winery?

On the beach?

In the hills?

Down the riverbed?

Now, you can venture out to one of the 14 top San Luis Obispo County trail riding locations with directions right at your fingertips, How?

With the SLO County Trail Ride Guide e-book!

  • Years in the making – taking the time to either ride or hike the trails in order to bring you first-hand info on the top trail rides in SLO County.
  • Each ride will have an overview page which briefly describes each ride, pin points the trail head location, describes the parking, lists ride length in hours and miles when possible, lets you know if dogs are welcome and finally tells you if camping is available.
  • That page will be followed by a story and description of where to go, what to expect and finally notes for a perfect day.
  • All in a 70 page, full-color, PDF e-book that once downloaded can be accessed from your phone without wifi.
  • All 14 Trail Rides for only $29.99
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How Special Is This E-Book?

"These guides are fabulous!  A ton of work and so well put together. Thank you! I will definitely range a little farther now for my trail riding adventures; now that I have information about trailer parking, trail conditions and the best times to go!"

- Kathy Rosenthal

"The first of it's kind. A comprehensive guide on where to ride in SLO County! Beautifully written and laid out. Detailed descriptions and maps make it easy to go where the locals go. It's full of great ideas to help you plan your next ride. You will find yourself referring to it over and over again and sharing it with your out of town friends that come here to ride. We give it two thumbs and four hooves up!"

- Stormy Knight and Pico

Your payment is secure.

When was the last time you ventured out to explore a new trail in SLO County?

The SLO County Trail Ride Guide e-book will lead you to a variety of horseback riding adventures throughout San Luis Obispo County.

Knowledge of where to go with your horse will be at your fingertips as you use the SLO County Trail Ride Guide e-book downloaded right to your phone. No need to have access to WiFi, it will be right where you put PDF download files.

Or print the ride from your computer at home and have it handy for directions on how to get there and where to go once you tack up and hit the trail.

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SLO County Trail Ride Guide