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We don't copy and paste stories from other sites. We are story generators and our stories are shared on national sites.

The staff writers at SLO Horse News will craft your story to reflect the essence of your product or service and who you are. We are experienced equestrians who appreciate and enjoy a variety of disciplines. We love to tell stories and we're ready to tell yours.

"It's great to have a newsletter that comes to my e-mail with well-written articles on local people and horses." - SLO Horse News reader response

"I love the straight-forward, down-to-earth, very realistic stories where I usually know the person involved  which makes me feel part of the horse community. The stories are well-written and you do a great job providing relevant and useful information." - SLO Horse News reader response

SLO Horse News is viewed on-line at and is updated weekly with original stories for and about the San Luis Obispo County horse community – and beyond. We produce 100% original copy.

SLO Horse News posts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest plus a weekly e-mail newsletter subscription. Your message is maximized as it goes out to our subscribers and followers and their friends as stories are shared.

Spotlight Stories can be shared as a link on your website and social media. If you are looking for someone to write stories that you can use "as your own" our talented staff can be comissioned for that too. Just tell us your needs and we'll put you in touch with one of our writers.

Herd Members are experienced horse people who most likely keep their horses at home. Most live on the beautiful Central Coast and make riding a priority. They are passionate about taking care of their horses and many enjoy getting out on the trail. Our herd members are tightly connected in a variety of equestrian disciplines making them influencers not only within SLO County but also to the horse community beyond.

Areas of SLO Horse News Herd Touch Points

Website Advertising

AWARENESS begins with a clickable button ad on our website. Your message is viewed everytime someone visits our site. All our website advertising includes  our featured "Spotlight Story" service which expands your message details and connects our audience to your product or service.

Facebook Page

Continued EXPOSURE comes through the SLO Horse News Facebook page where our herd hangs out. This is where the herd gets all story updates, community updates and  horse news and features from around the world. Your Spotlight Story automatically gets shared here when it posts to our website.

SLO Horse News e-mail

Our weekly e-mail newsletter is sent directly to our herd. This is where ACTION often takes place especially when preceeded by website awareness and facebook exposure. You can choose an e-mail banner ad or a full Feature of the Week placement.

Advertising Samples

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Clickable button ads will direct herd members to your website. Spotlight Stories are included with website ads.
See Media Kit for frequency.
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Facebook Purposed Post

Facebook posts appear in our SLO Horse News feed. Script introducing the story and a hotlink to the story are included. Choosing to boost the Facebook post can target exposure beyond our herd.

e-mail advertising samples

Banner ads and Feature story ads will appear with script under them directing herd members to click the Spotlight Story link.
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Word from the Herd

In response to the latest Spotlight Story: "This is tooooo cool!  Love it!!! Thank you always for the opportunity!!!!!

Christine Johnson, Eden Memorial Pet Care

"Sharon Jantzen from SLO Horse News, to whom I very grateful, has always gone above and beyond with getting the word out about equestrian events I have hosted."

Anita Parra, DVM

"What a great job of reporting and explaining what the Equine EVAC does! I never really thought about the ramp vs step up loading issue before (but of course!). I really liked your choice of photos too – A fine job!
Thanks to EquineEvac folks as well."

Julia Crookston, SLO Horse News reader

What Makes Us Different

We are story generators. Our stories are often shared on national sites.

Your message can touch our SLO Horse News herd in many collaborative ways. Choose to utilize different touch points to really get results.

SLO Horse News is a local site with a global reach. Stories are shared in many on-line publications and on a variety of social media increasing the frequency and extending the reach of visitors. Each individual visitor gets exposed to your message as stories are read.

Spotlight Stories stay on the site and are often picked up through search engines even after an ad campaign has ended.


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